Humans Piss Me Off

by Myth Of Democracy

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Attached 03:20
Got a girl to waste time with and a song in my head, Dead friends can wait, whey will always be dead, As much love as I have empathy flows in waves, Patience is gone, wiped enough arse for today, Write a letter to you in between throwing up, Drunk honesty the closest to being straight up, Distances like this are subject to mood, And best left unmentioned when emotions are skewed I own NOTHING that can own me, The things that we can't live without start flames we sing and dance around There is one way I walk home, there are more points of view, Sick of the sickness that blinds us to shoes and the people that wear them, stumble, run in them, stand still, dance on pills or can't walk without them. Mine just fade away until I tear through to socks, grind on through skin till bone scrapes asphalt, Bloody stumps beneath frayed bottoms of jeans, On and on in a world coming apart at the seams, Got shit to sort out while eschewing dilemma, I've had shit to sort out for as long as I can remember, I'll never win but won't admit defeat, It all piles up till we can no longer breathe, I'll lend you a rat's arse so you've one to give, Got a girl who does portraits of what does not exist Does not exist...
Debts may climb, devils may care For clean water sky and health care, Penance for past sins, kill for cash, Mark our forheads with the ash of our loved and dear departed, Beg forgiveness from free markets, We took the greatest care while our cluster bombs fell from the air, No one gives a fuck, As long as they get one, Cos' that is just how things are, So THEY say, so THEY preach, So THEY enforce with guns, abuse, and belief, So we may as well cut the fence, fuck with heads, While we are young enough to drink ourselves to death. Deaf from bombs and blind with anger, Nurses still get the finger, This is the free world and it functions on greed, destruction, mass consumption, Where are we left in all this cost? Supposedly on fabric clothe, Lullaby myths enshrined on rows, Where shadows dance and stories grow... And he/she knew how screwed we really were, I just wish you had've stayed to see the flames. Lullaby myths enshrined on rows where shadows dance and stories grow, These middle fingers...I have strings. Theirs have triggers, I have screams, When I see a man as smart as you towing lines that ignore the truth you know I'll CUT DOWN YOUR FUCKING FLAG, CLAIM BACK THE LAN, AND BURN DOWN YOUR BANKS. burn your banks down.
We’re not moving forward to some fantasy utopia, Depression can be marketed, wrapped in bows, sold back to ya, So feel free to pray to god for a change, atheists are just as deranged, Science, religion are both the same in the hands of fundamentalists, “We hope one day you’ll join us and the world will be ONE..(beneath us) In the name of new equality we’ll wage war on diversity” And if you don’t believe this faith? Make no mistake. You will have to be eradicated because peace requires violence. We’re irrational and we’re trapped. Inside this nature my mind snaps, I am just like you, I’m just human I hate your violence, hate your views, Hate your racist attitude, And in this hate do I sound just like you? Exploitation, genocide, greed, rape, torture, are justified for collective salvation- religious or otherwise. I refuse, resist, an anarchist, a rebel hippopotamus, I value life above regret with a fair trade coffee with my cigarette, Stand outside with dick in hand or rock inside to see the band, Find no belonging behind a flag, I know self-hate won’t get self-love, Tears will always fall down cheeks, flag for violence a reason for peace, From the loved of the fallen soldier or the mother of a suicide bomber Are you ready for the sickness of our nation? As we lose ourselves in collective humiliation? Peace through repressive means, Fear and revenge new currency that we’ll trade our minds for. Humans really fucking piss me off.
Tagged 03:21
Free shoes and cheap booze, that foodtown cask wine, Cigarettes, pop punk and war books and crime, Friends of friends old friends and couches and slime, Rifts like an earthquake and rent not on time, Waste of my time, it’s a waste of the day, We’re not for sale Its trickle down democracy so we say, We’re not for sale. Happy with you? I’ll be happier alone. Its all life, all good, so FUCK what goes wrong. Yeah I screwed up, I messed up, But hey, that’s what good friends are for  A cool cat a big rat a sad kid a fight, Fire extinguisher, running red lights, Live bands and randoms and rip off and plight, Late walks and strange talks…no sleep tonight See you later on, see you at the show, Who are you taking and where do we go? We had fun, catch you up, I’ll see you soon, Hope you don’t mind man but we trashed your room. Beat on their faces interrogate masses, they won’t confess, Maybe digress to just when it collapsed its been an on-going mess, Reflections are blatant if I’d clean the mirror, Haven’t been eating right, I’m getting sicker, Come tomorrow man, I’ll start again, Come tomorrow man, I’ll start again
Fragile X 03:59
Lets be honest- we've got our delusions. Fragmented, disjointed, tongue-tied with excuses Someone else's life, their story their home, Replicate their despair for lack of your own, So rewire your heart just to keep it in time with false isolation, solace in shorter lines, from the answers that haunt you to questions you never ask, Go ahead, stay stupid, life is burning up fast, Yeah I'm wired on no sleep and vague ideals, And I won't be a victim now Fuck playing victim Your shock value is old, your self-centred voice, Be brain dead or stand up - you're spoiled for choice, In your easily-led drunken grandiose you are ripe for the picking by all we oppose, Your selfish indifference is akin to hate, As the camp expands I'll make a Vrber escape, I may not stop all the trains or the death of these lands, But with a twisted grin I will do what I can. In these absurd days I look up to you, In these violent times we won't live long enough to see them through, But you then contort your face to make the mask of hate fit just fine, It takes a life for some to learn that when you deal in oppression you are repaid in kind.
The great migration is leaving, all roads lead to airports, Can't tell if my back is turned or if selfishness is holding court, One thing is for sure, while you're all aiming high, My aim is off, I piss on the floor where I sleep most nights, True love sends it's ache, anxiety across the ks, In letters addressed to quiet moments in strange, chaotic days, I'll hope and drink to your life making sense with every moment felt. Me? I'm wanting nothing more than to make life better for someone else. All in all I'll end up drifting among the breath, Half at silvers, half up north, an anecdote at best, This fact is hung with pride of place next to Alannah's guitar, And written in a million songs that celebrate who we are, These gaping abysses and your much vaunted near misses, I know that we can stare nowhere, but the 'nowhere' will stare back, And creep through life like vines wrap concrete 'till it cracks. So much to say, so much to do, Should live the way that we made 'Rocket Fuel' All in, all good and swindled, plundered, swiped from those above, Control and fear dismantled by a few drinks and friend's love, Lets claim a night to make chaos among this broken mess, Its Devil's Night so light it up I'm burning for revenge, Sink so deep and grab the weeds try to erase this doubt... Never figured this out, so fuck all this we're breaking out, Never figured this out, fuck all all this Our souls ripple off the outlet I'll hope and drink to your life making sense with every moment felt. Me? I'm wanting nothing more than to make life better for someone else.
Overpass 02:20
Stop on the overpass as I always do, Old friends I miss and love thinking of you, I know I’d said I’d see you before you left, But that’s life, lets make it the year after next, Scratch my scabs I spent to long in that town, Chemical imbalance means spiralling down, I woke up all messed up, had a drink and then Swore I would never touch mushrooms again, I didn’t believe that then, its still untrue now, To drown out the best and worst crank it up loud, I’m morally neutral, yet still opposed, Can’t dwell on a whole life based on bad trips alone, I judge no one, believe nothing beyond what I feel, I get by ok I guess for good or ill, Apologies stretch further than (bloodshot) guilty eyes can see, If bruised hearts and twisted times grant amnesty … Today, I’m ok. Listening to Not Ok And anything else, well, we can deal with it. Reminisce about old shows and look forward to the next, Times have been worse, still haven’t seen the best, While there is much to build, destroy, and fight don’t forget our time together is finite, So lets discuss whats real, what needs to change now, Lets talk senseless bullshit till we both pass out, For one day we’ll be far too old or too dead, So lets use up today, and scavenge whats left
“I embraced the vibe of fear from those above, the ones I trust, Bonds traced in bloodlines, victimised ancestory, Pride in who we are, this place, in ancient soils we carved ourselves, We sew our legends and our myths into flags of faith.” We spend our nights huddled in thanks and guilt, terror and respite, Sharing news of who is left. Before daybreak we leave the school and hide the weakest first, those of us who still have the will to hide. “From the shattered universe of my victims, I looked up for the ones I trusted, I found only accusing eyes. Heads shake in violent disbelief, too far up and away to appreciate the horrifying landscape I found myself in.” Covered in mud and torn rags we emerge like ghosts of those left behind rotting, left as proof. Some talk of nothing else, their lives are burnt, raped, and the memories of the ‘before’ can hurt just as much. Faces we recognise and questions we all have are rhetorical, such as “why did they cross their arms and watch?” Dreams of this nightmare render screams, otherwise mute and distrusting. In this place, justice can go the way of God. “You could fall too. Do you see how I fell?”…..
Why Go Home 02:58
Missed the van, walking home, cold not disappointed, Conversations I never remember mean the world in the moment, Kept us rapt while bodies melded with fate’s direction, Night left taking friends, philosophize on predilection, Why go home… Is that the sunrise or more vague street light? Will the teeth of comedowns be muzzled by night? And if we make it will they even be home? And if it sux then where do we go? I need sleep and you need meds, we both need better questions, Dogs bark, we bark back, down in our reflections, Are we bent enough to believe that any of this will matter? Our cities, our streets, our time, This sacred land, this rat’s nest, Why go home? Are we just lacking the voice to relate? Relying on karma to wash clean our slates? Making up morals to create respect? Justifying just to bury regret? Why go home. Is that the sunrise or more vague streetlight? Will the teeth of comedowns be muzzled by night? And if we make it will they even be home? And if it sux then where do we go? We weighed up these options on last cigarettes, In this state worst ideas are the best we will get, And its only a game, this both you and I know, Whovever told us to play lost relevance long ago, So, why go home?
Time To Bail 03:56
Pulled teeth, severed fingers, electrodes, mass rape and razored feet, This piece I hold fits nowhere, needs narrative, a way to speak, Concepts for life and love and change slip through the borders but the bodies are detained, It is the strangest thing, but a full stomach does not mean understanding Do what you need to do- never mind what can be done. Another set of knees in dirt, another pair of hands in cuffs, We need it all, not united but a multi-headed swarm Ticking up the trauma, guided by panic, a weary soul of fear and hope and amplified in anguish, Something doesn’t add up and their values don’t make sense, Their words paint blame, division, pain, a separation fence, The holes in which are context, if I see you in myself, humanity through empathy transcends greed and wealth, every time we place each other above their nationalist veneer connection with each other is what the powerful most fear. Time to bail, time to go, These bridges are ablaze between a past and a future that is now erased, We’re always ready to run, wanting nothing more than peace, Detonate the myth and structure of these oppressive power elites.
Drained 02:05
She chiselled her mirror in stone, comfort in well hated moulds, Poised on her walls for everyone to see, I carve a crude verse in sand, set no goals, make no plans, Scales get smashed, I’ve got anger to burn, Shadows that haunt my mind put trust to the test ‘Prefer-to-forgets’ provide ‘nows’ nonetheless, Tossed away the map, clutching posters and paste, Nothing has changed, nothings the same. I will always be there cos I’m going nowhere, Not bored, I’m still walking the streets, I will never not care, this life is mine to bear, And for now I will just let it breathe. Face each other like we face the cold, I know I’m something to get through, something to endure, Worse at the night’s end , introspective nerve bends, In words, hugs, an exit and silence inbetween Is this all leading to nothing repeating? Time bled and left wanting for lack of a poin? She doesn’t fear obscurity. Just her own insecurity Irrelevant lives in insignificant times. Knowing all this changes NOTHING You’re all wrong and I’m never right. Knowing all this changes NOTHING. Its all questions embedded in self doubt and I’m DRAINED.
Congealed 03:09
Congealed thoughts of my reform, I cannot hang on to the norm, Their chosen paths don’t play with mine, I got the wrong taste test of sour wine, And there ain’t nothing left to say, What can I say? There ain’t nothing left to say. When will I ever find my pride? With self-centred culture in my eyes, There is nothing left that I can speak, Without a drop of some thing cold and meek, And of just what you can’t be sure. What can I say? There ain’t nothing left to say. And you may see my thoughts as void, and I’d agree to a certain point, But everything is the fucken same, breads causing chosen people lots of pain, And whoever is who, is on the band wagon again. What can I say? There ain’t nothing left to say.


Some of these songs are political, some about the special people we are all fortunate enough to meet. Some are concerned with pointing the finger at those in power, some songs are pointing the finger at myself. Very rarely is life black and white, and when it is I simply ask who painted it that way .
I believe that the fight back against the fascist Corporatocracy and it's religion of greed, destruction, and control is rooted in our communities. It is in our connection with each other, and the will to stand up against the oppression of the minorities and poor that we will begin to turn the tide away from Capitalism and it's insatiable greed, and back to true empathy and democracy. This album is a celebration of the part of the human spirit that questions authority, demands equality, and loves life for what truely makes life worth living- love for others.


released April 28, 2012

Recorded by Dave @ The Dank January-March 2012
Dave Hine- Bass
Greg Judd- drums
Jamie 'The Rabble ' Douglas backing vocals on tracks 1,2,4, and 11
Rahpz Prowler- Guitar lead on track 4
Artwork by Dave Passmore
Matt Billington- Vocals and guitar
All songs by Matt Billington except 'Congealed by Craig Hutchby and Tagged by Matt Billington and Rahpz


all rights reserved



Myth Of Democracy Auckland, New Zealand

Acoustic punk rock that supports rad community organisations that fight oppression in all forms.
Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Myth of Democracy is music celebrating the fight back against the Corporatocracy.

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